Photoshooooot! Best one yet!!
Right, so I'm pretty damn happy right now! Pretty damn tired but it's been a goood day!! Let me tell you why....

For the last few days I've been running around like a mentalist attending meetings with various creative folk to prepare for this photoshoot today. I've had an INCREDIBLE team of people to work with and was super excited about today, and as it turns out, it was even more fun then I thought!!!

It was a pretty early start - up at 6.30am (which is basically the middle of the night to a nocturnal girl who likes to sing in a band!!!), in central London at a secret location to start the shoot at 9am!! Hair and Make up was provided by the gorgeous and very talented Lisa Stokes who made me look bloody lovely if I'm allowed to say that myself! Styling was by the awesome team (and big names in fashion!) of Faye Sawyer and the beautiful Li Li who brought me in some most amazing clothes, shoes and accessories to play with - I loved it all and had a hard time not stealing some of it!!! I would never do such a thing!! :) The camera was wielded by the wonderful Ray Burmiston who was just bloody lovely and so easy to get on with it's ridic!!! This guy has worked with some biiig names so I SHOULD have been supernervous! But... the whole team made me feel so relaxed that I forgot I was actually in front of a camera half the time!!!

Thank you to Mel Brown from Impressive PR for putting everything together and to Alex from Punishment for giving me gorgeous new hair the day before and to everyone on the shoot for working so hard!! I had an amazing day!

I cant WAIT to see the pics, and show them to everyone else too!! There is a slightly different look for me but a good one, I like it a lot!!!!

Right, bedtime!!

Natascha xx