Well 2 actually!! Oh it is tough to be in this rock and roll business sometimes you know!! Friday and Saturday saw me spending a lot of time getting pretty'd up and having boys with cameras take pictures of me!!

Friday was a studio shoot with a very well respected photographic man named Steve Double - he's taken pics of a lot of people you might just recognise, check out his site I had a great day with Steve, Aaron (his assistant!) & Michelle the lovely make up girl, and here is her link! I'll show you the pics sooooon!

Saturday's shoot was 'on location' as they say, with a supercool young man who goes by the name of Ben Horsley! Ben has a really great eye for locations and shoots and even tho it was bloody FREEZING (I'm talking snow on the ground people!!) we had a great day and got some awesome shots... have a look at Thanks for braving the elements for me Ben, it was a fun day!!

Let me know what you think...

Natascha xx