Well, I hope you've all had a jolly old time this Christmas and have eaten far too much turkey and mince pies and consumed a reasonable amount of mulled wine!!! Diet anyone? Who's up for a run??!!

Sorry for the slightly belated Crimbo message but my feet haven't touched the ground over this festive time of year.... I've had a supergood time tho!! Had a party or 2 (erm 3?... oh who's counting anyway) the week before the big day, catching up with lovely friends I donít get to see that much and hanging out with the usual crowd too!! :)

Christmas Day was with the family (canít beat the Mum's Christmas lunch!) doing presents and that jazz, then a little bit of grog and movie time on the sofa, nice! Boxing Day was much the same apart from with lovely friends instead of the fam, and I got a bit healthy too - went out for a walk - I know, energetic!! More 'gatherings' followed up until the weekend, including a surprise party for a friend back over from Oz - he was particularly surprised as his birthday's not until next year! Now I'm just about to jet off to bonny wee Scotland tomorrow to spend New Yearís Eve with my sis and some gorgeous friends in Edinburgh - oh yeah, we're talking Hogmanay - exciting!!!

So, whatever it is that you've been up to and are planning to be getting up to I hope you've had an amazing festive season and have a GREAT New Yearís Eve! I hope 2009 brings you health, wealth and lots of love and happiness!!! I'm up for some of that too - so if you could all rush out and buy my record when it comes out that would be everso helpful!! Tee hee ;)

Anyway, thanks for sticking around in 2008. Hope to see a LOT more of you in 2009!!!! It's gonna be a good year, I can feel it in my bones!!

Lots of love and festive cheer...

Natascha xxx