Natascha seems to be much in demand these days...

For example, last week she thought she was going to a friend’s birthday party – just a quiet drink (or 3) in a bar with friends… but she read on a blog a couple of days before that she was actually going to be playing a set there!! No problem - luckily her guitarists Si and Mike and drummer Joe were also attending said party, so they all jumped up to do a half-hour semi-acoustic set for the birthday boy! It was an awesome night, with lots of friends getting up to play for the man of the evening - Happy Birthday Dan!

Likewise, at a wedding at the weekend, the DJ got wind of Natascha’s presence and someone had slipped him a copy of her CD, which he then proceeded to play. Michael Jackson, Gloria Gaynor …. er, Natascha Sohl - odd mixture, but hey, it all helps – thanks dude!