Something unexpected happened to Natascha recently. A lady from the US of A had been in contact with her and had noticed that Natascha seems to be a fan of jewellery - she wears a lot of it, usually all at the same time!! So, as she makes her own jewellery, she had very kindly offered to make her a special one-of-a-kind piece and asked Natascha to tell her what colours and accessories she likes so she would LOVE it! Well, last week it arrived in the post!

This is a really wonderful cuff/bracelet, made to fit and totally original, very glam and super Rock-Star! Natascha was delighted and really touched that Tasha (yes her name is Natasha too sorry to confuse!!) had gone to so much trouble. So, this is a huge thanks to Tasha Pittari for all her hard work and kindness in making this for Natascha.

You can check out some of her other designs on her MySpace page Here.