Natascha was asked to do a guest acoustic slot on Monday (1st September 2008) at the Five + Lime in Guildford. This is a great bar with a cosy little tented terrace where guitarist Si hosts a regular Open Mic night – The Lime Lounge Session – along with Josh Wheldon.

Small problem ; when she woke in the morning she had no voice whatsoever – couldn’t even produce a croak – having caught a cold over the weekend. However, she couldn’t refuse Si, now could she, and moreover she has never, ever, cancelled a gig!

So, she spent the day keeping stumm and saving her voice, over-dosing on throat medicines and honey, etc., but in the evening she delivered a really excellent performance. She and Si played 2 of their newest songs and a selection from the album – all quite rocky, acoustic or not. You wouldn’t have guessed she had such a bad cold – well done, Natascha, - you’re a real trouper!!