We are told that there was quite a scrum to lay hands on one of the free compilation albums - Emerge Vol. 3 – that contained one of Natascha’s songs, which were produced and distributed by Non Profit Promotions, a US company which works to promote new music to teenage audiences.

These CDs were eagerly snapped up by several hundred high school and college kids in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia and North Carolina at an end-of-summer youth conference. Natascha’s track, I’M SO HAPPY was the one chosen for this compilation.

Many thanks to Ira for including Natascha’s music in this. You can join in with this initiative and read about the programme by joining the Emerge group on Facebook on:-

where you will also see that Natascha was a Question in their competition to win a copy of the album. Whatever next ? !!