We’ve just heard that the nice people at GetReadyToRock.com – an online webzine and radio station that has always been very supportive of Natascha and her music – are featuring Natascha’s songs in an hour-long programme tonight and every Sunday in August.

This will cover not only her current material from the forthcoming album, DIRTY LITTLE WORD, but will also include some of the tracks from her first album, STRANGE FASCINATION, and also one or two surprises. There will definitely be a couple of things in this mixture that you won’t have heard before, so tune in to this link at 8.00 p.m. tonight and have a listen :-


Just click on the Listen Live button.

If you miss it tonight, it will be repeated on subsequent Sundays throughout August at the same time, so make a note to catch it another week.

Big thanks to Dave and his team for doing this – GRTR! Rocks !!