Oh OK, drag me onto the stage!!!
So that's a lie! As if I need any excuse!!

Last night I was out at a supercool club watching my supercool guitarist - Si Jones - play a supercool acoustic gig with his good friend and fellow rocker Josh (nice set boys!!) Over-use of the word supercool? Na!!
So, they only had to ask me the once and I was up to do a little 'guest slot'!! Much fun!

Si and I banged out 'Dirty Little Word' and a new one we've penned 'My Worst Enemy (Tonight)' - the brackets are very important to me!! Weirdo! Anyway, I had a really fun night and might just gate-crash another time too!!

I'm gonna be setting up a bunch more shows real soon so be sure to come see.... maybe you'll hear some brand new stuff too!!! Watch this space.......

Much frickin love!!!

Natascha xxx