Natascha played The Lark in the Park on Thursday 3rd July in Islington with a pared-down set to fit the small venue; Tascha was doing her thing with Si on guitar and Joe on drums and with the addition of “Roland” – some tracks which filled in for the missing band members! Unfortunately Mike was unable to play as he has just had an operation and is hobbling about (get well soon, Mike) and Rog was not available for this one, so this seemed like a way of doing things that would get over that. Natascha had to re-think the set-up!

It all worked out really well and sounded great – if you closed your eyes you could even see Mike and Rog! The audience seemed to love it and were enjoying themselves – and so were Tascha and the boys.

Next gig on Monday at The Betsey Trotwood (See Gigs Page) – longer acoustic set and Natascha might just be playing some new songs! Come and be the first to hear ‘em!!!