We had been told that a third track from Natascha’s forthcoming album had been selected for use on MTV’s reality show “The Hills”. They did indeed use it and it went out in the special episode aired in the US on December 9th leading up to the season’s finale, which was to be shown the following night. About 44 minutes into this 2-hour show (all about Lauren Conrad – the main star – reflecting on her MTV show Laguna Beach and The Hills and the pivotal points of her life during these years) and just after a commercial break, they played the uplifting “BEAUTY IN THE SILENCE” while Lauren was putting her suitcase into her car and heading out to LA. This was a lengthy clip of the song throughout this scene.

Earlier in the same show, about 15 minutes in, they also used a clip from Natascha’s ballad, “FADE”, to illustrate a reflective scene where Lauren was thinking about a former boyfriend. This was a shorter clip, but used some of the music and a section of the main chorus of this emotional song.

So – 4 songs in 3 episodes of The Hills – we are all delighted with this and look forward to being able to watch it ourselves here in the UK in due course.