Some Natascha merch has gone winging off to the US of A for a pretty worthy raffle prize!

Ira Miller, who has used one of Natascha’s tracks for his Emerge music charity CDs on two previous occasions, is holding a Benefit for a young American man, Nate Henn, who was sadly killed in Uganda recently when a terrorist group attacked a group of people watching the World Cup. Nate was working for the charity, Invisible Children (, which aims to protect the children of Uganda from being abducted and forced to fight as child soldiers.

The Benefit takes place in the grounds of RFK stadium in Washington (Washington Redskins / major league Soccer) on Sunday September 19th, and since Natascha isn’t on the spot to play in person she has sent some merch to be included in the raffle – so if any of you are able to get to this event – buy a raffle ticket!!!